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Interior Services NV (ISN) receives furniture, art, accessories at it's main warehouse in  Las Vegas, Nevada.

ISN thoroughly inspects each piece for damage and accuracy against Purchase Orders.  When damage is detected, the client is immediately informed and options discussed.

ISN stores each item after re-boxing or blanket-wrapping to ensure complete product protection. Since ISN does not “pod” incoming shipments, clients have full and quick access to review, pull and inspect their items with little or no notice.

ISN enters each item into a state-of-the-art, web-based inventory management system. Clients can access, via a secure web site, the status of each item ordered for each project, available 24/7.

Pickup & Delivery
ISN safely picks up or delivers clients’ inventory to the job site. Whether it be a large commercial project or small, single-item, residential installation, ISN gives each piece the greatest care possible.

ISN installs furniture, accessories and art to the client’s exacting
specifications. All ISN project leads are capable of reading architectural furniture placement blueprints. With the side-bar notation on each piece delivered, we can often complete an entire job with little or no designer interaction necessary. Additionally, ISN is skilled at all types of security-mounted art installation.

ISN, when requested, can remove, relocate or dispose of items from a project site, and where required, re-enter returning items into inventory for use in future projects.

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Hilton Double Tree -189 Rooms


Complete FF&E and liquidation Completed


One Steamboat Place - Phase I

Interior Services just finished an exciting FF&E project in Steamboat, CO.

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