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Interior Services has a state of the art warehouse facility located in Las Vegas, NV. We offer a full menu of warehouse services, including receiving, item inspection, storage, and handling of freight claims, complete repair services for wood, and leather furniture. Monthly as well as yearly storage service and our accurate inventory control management software to insure customer satisfaction.


Inventory Management
We employ an online inventory control system that has a sophisticated scanning system for each item as it enters and exits our facilities.  We provide our clients with 24/7 access to their inventory via our secure web site so you as a client can see immediately when any item has been received, and the condition it has entered our facility. 

Safety and Security

Each facility is guaranteed safe and secure and carries full-replacement insurance on every piece we inventory.  Each item is carefully inspected to insure that it has been received in perfect condition, and is carefully wrapped and secured for storage.  If damages have occurred in shipment, we notify you immediately and present options on how to resolve the problem.  And we handle all damage claims and arrange for all repairs, as needed/required.

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Hilton Double Tree -189 Rooms


Complete FF&E and liquidation Completed


One Steamboat Place - Phase I

Interior Services just finished an exciting FF&E project in Steamboat, CO.

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